Spring look


These days I try to maintain a functional wardrobe, so I rarely buy new clothes. I do this, so that it’ll be easier for me to travel. Its also beneficial for the environment and my wallet. In order to maintain my wardrobe size, I’ve made a rule that every clothing item I buy needs to suit my needs perfectly. Because of this I’ve also stopped shopping online; I can’t know whether I’m completely satisfied with a product without trying it on. I also try to shop for specific needs instead of going shopping for fun. But that doesn’t mean that I’m only buying according to a specific list I’ve made. Discovering new designs and figuring out how to implement them in my looks is part of the fun of fashion.

But there still exists a list of clothing items I’ve been wanting for a longer time. I’ve been looking for a nice tulle skirt for about 2 years now and I’ve finally found one. I did give up at one point and bought a faulty design from a sales bin when I first started looking for a tulle skirt. Tulle skirts tend to have a bulky waist bands, which I find unappealing. This SS season Vila has included a tulle skirt in faded pink and champagne in their selection with the kind of waist band I was looking for. Anyone who knows me also know that most of my wardrobe consists of champagne, cream and faded pink colored designs. Besides all the black and grey. The material also feels appealing.

I’m also a fan of crop tops and lace. Instead of tucking a top under a skirt and worrying about it rolling up and showing from underneath, it’s much more comfortable to pair a waist high skirt with a crop top. Though my lace era has already mostly passed, as has the trend. But one lace crop top still remains in my wardrobe. I’m surprised that the material hasn’t gone bad by now, as it is from H&M.

When it comes to accessories, I rarely use any earrings or bracelets. I think I’m just bad at buying them. I’ve had my ears pierced since seventh grade, but I only use earrings for special occasions. I think I find earrings and bracelets a tad bit annoying. They’re too solid as an accessory. If I buy any, I usually buy very fancy ones which are easily tied to specific etiquette and are hard to combine to my everyday looks. Instead I usually go for necklaces. Lately I’ve also started to experiment with necklaces, using them as body chains and on my waist. That’s what I did for this look as well. I combined a hair pin and a pearl necklace to use on my waist. It gives more versatile uses for them and has opened doors for new kinds of looks for me.


To me, it is important that I feel comfortable in my looks. Feeling good in the clothes you wear and being pleased with the over all look is an important part of my personal fashion. I’m not a model, who wears looks for others. I wear my looks for myself and that gives me the liberty to wear what I want. Though it’s a bit funny to make that statement with an innocent look like this.

Spring look
My ootd for my brother’s graduation Skirt: VILA, Crop top: H&M


I figured I’d give it a try to talk more about my personal fashion here in the mids of all the serious fashion business talk. ‘Cos in the end fashion is a part of both my career and my personal life. Let me know what you think!