Milianna Photoshoot

Ella Puoliväli is a clothing artisan and a very dear friend of mine. Her designs are greatly inspired by the military and the Asian pop-culture.

For her final project, she created a military inspired mini-collection labeled Millianna. The presence of camouflage fabric and leather gives the collection a stylish and edgy feel. As a part of her final project, Puoliväli had the collection shot and shown at a fashion show. I had the pleasure of being one of the models for the collection.

Through the fittings I got to see in action how clothes are designed. How the looseness of the clothes need to be considered, how alterations change the fit of the clothing and designs transform into actual clothes. In my studies I have been taught about product data management and product know-how in fashion retail. Through my participation in Puoliväli’s final project, I had the opportunity to see the theories used in practice.

In the actual photo shoot, I got some insight on how fashion shoots work in practice. I learned what kinds of different factors need to be considered in a fashion shoot, how to create the lighting, how to get the perfect shot and how to prepare for the unexpected.

To create my hair do for the shoot, we used some straws; when the sun set, we used the headlights of a car and to get the perfect shot Riina Vihuri, climbed on top of a pole and had another person steadying her hand while I laid on wet stairs with glass shards around me.

Clothes by Ella Puoliväli, photo by Riina Vihuri

A fashion shoot truly embodies the Finnish proverb “hätä keinot keksii” – emergency, the mother of invention.

You can read more about the Milianna collection here and you can check out more of Vihuri Riina’s photos here


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