Makia Clothing Company

Makia is a Helsinki based clothing brand started in 2001. This year they established their flag ship store in Helsinki. The students in JAMK specializing in fashion business and brand management took up the task of helping Makia plan and implement the store.
Makia logo – picture from Makia webstore

The project was given to JAMK in the autumn of 2016. At that time I was on an exchange in Toronto. In January 2017 I joined the project team. The project team consisted of about 20 people. The team was divided into smaller teams that dealt with different aspects of the project. This also gave the students the opportunity to work on the aspects of the project that most interested them.

Our major task for the assignment was to estimate the viability of the flagship store. The project team was originally divided into shop, financials and marketing teams. The shop team’s assignments consisted of planning out the selection, scanning Makia’s current distribution channels, mapping out their visual identities and planning the visual concept for the store. Financials team focused on scanning suitable locations for the store and assessing the profitability of the store concept. Marketing team did customer analysis, created customer profiles of Makia’s customers, analyzed the competition and analyzed Makia as a brand. Based on these results they were to create a brand strategy and marketing plan for Makia.

Originally Makia was supposed to start working on the store after we presented the project for them. However, a store space that Makia liked, opened up in Helsinki in the spring. They chose to go with the place, which meant some changes in our project plan. The space also had some restrictions regards to remodeling, which meant that our visual concept couldn’t be implemented in the store.

After re-analyzing the situation, the project team was divided into new smaller teams. The new teams were selection, window display & layout, marketing and launch marketing. We decided to create a solid plan for starting out a store, instead of focusing solely on the things we could do with our limited schedule. We didn’t want all the work we had done, go to waste. Nor did we want to deliver poor quality work that couldn’t even be implemented in the store. Instead we created a solid selection, display and floor plans for this store and created marketing and launch marketing plans for future Makia stores.


Project teams at the end of the project

Window display & layout: Anna Toivanen, Josefiina Väänänen, Suvi Toivakka & Tuuli Hyttinen

Selection: Vera Vainio, Enni Rantala, Mirjam Lehtinen & Roosa Kotala

Marketing: Miia Sirviö, Maria Mäkitalo, Emilia Vanhatapio, Eveliina Katainen, Malla Karhunen & Anetta Sievinen

Launch marketing: Jaakko Jylhä & Ville Mäkeläinen

Project directors: Nina Välimäki & Kaisa Partanen




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