Mango A/W 2015

As an assignment for the Retail Selection Planning course in JAMK, we created a selection for a store on an upcoming season. The selection was to consist of 15-20 products. While creating the selection, we needed to have basis for the depth and width of it as well as the brands and products used. My group chose to do the selection for Mango in the A/W 2015 season. The other group members were Satu Piippo and Tarja Olli.


Mango tries to be up with the current trends. Mango sends scouts to fashion shows to re-create the looks under their own, private label brands. In order for the products to be legally sold in their selections, Mango’s recreations need to have at least 15 differences to the original product. In the past, Mango has had to re-call some of their products, because they were too similar to the original ones.

Creating the selection

We used WGSN’s trend forecasting services as a reference for the trends of the season. Other sources we used while creating the selection were Mangos current selection, Mango’s fashion show for that specific season and the quality and price levels of Mango’s products.

According to WGSN, some of the key materials for A/W 2015 season were leather and mocha. The clothes were preferably loose and the sheerness of the fabrics continued as a trend. In the patterns, geometric prints were preferred. Three dimensional properties in decorations started to rise and could for instance be seen in fringe and feather decorations.

Selection for Mango A/W 2015

Our selection for Mango

Our selection consisted of 19 products. in the selection, we chose to use New Look’s, Zara’s, River Island’s and Style Moi’s brands. We felt like the quality and the price levels of the products suited those of Mango’s. The stores also have the same customer segments, which meant that they could appeal to Mango’s consumers as well. Zara is also Mango’s biggest competitor, which made it a good choice as one of the brands used.

In our selection, it was important to us that the products could be combined together in a variety of different ways to create different kinds of looks. We also wanted the selection to be clear and balanced. As we created the selection for a Mango store in Finland, we decided to include a total of three jackets in the selection.

Our jackets vs Mango’s jackets

The selection of blouses was the most colourful part of our selection. We wanted them to enable the combination of different kinds of looks in the selection. All the blouses were loose and mostly of sheer fabrics as per the trend forecast. The mustard and red coloured blouses were chosen due to the colour forecast for the season.

Our blouses vs Mango’s blouses

Loose cardigans with a fringe hem were one of the key trend items of the season, so we decided to include two of them in our selection. To give some structure for the selection, we decided to add a blazer to it. Stripes weren’t a trend pattern according to WGSN, but we wanted to include a striped cardigan as we noted that Mango had a lot of striped items in their own selection for the season.

Our cardigans vs Mango’s cardigans

As the selection was for a Mango store in Finland, we tried to keep the dresses and skirts  to a minimum. We did however decide to add one mocha skirt and a print dress to the selection. The mocha skirt was one of the key trends of the season, so we didn’t want to ignore it. The decision to add the print dress came from Mango’s own selection.

Our bottoms vs Mango’s bottoms
Our dress vs Mango’s dresses

Mango had a lot of white products in their fashion show for the season, so we decided to add 3 white products to the selection. The black straight pants were added, because they gave a bit of an uplift to the selection and were a key element in making the selection multi functional.

To make the selection complete, we added two bags and two pairs of shoes to it. Both of the bags had the fringe details that were in the trend forecast. We decided to add to the leather and metal trend of the season with the selection of the shoes and the materials for the bags

Our bags and shoes vs Mango’s bags and shoes

Example outfits from the collection

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the product pictures are from Mango, Newlook, Style MoiRiver Island


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