Studies in JAMK


My sister suggested that I should start off by telling you guys a little about my studies. You will learn more about them as the posts start accumulating. But for now, I figured I’d tell you about the structure of my studies.

I already mentioned that I’m doing my studies at a faster pace than normal. It’s something I had to do due to my circumstances, but I think that it has made my studies more fulfilling. Because of it, my first year of studies wasn’t limited to the basic business studies that everyone has to go through. I was able to start learning about fashion business right off the bat. I was glad. I was done waiting around as I had found the right field for me.

My teacher and seniors told us that we should take a maximum of 1 or 2 courses on top of our basic courses during our first year, as studies would get tough. Luckily I didn’t get scared off by them; I managed to complete over half of my studies during my first year. Considering that I barely made enough credits to receive my student welfare during my physics studies, it felt surreal.


The studies in JAMK are divided to basic studies, career studies, elective studies, internship and thesis. As a part of career studies, students must do projects. The career studies give the students an opportunity to specialize in different fields of business like finance, sports, brands or fashion. The students can specialize by selecting the courses that interest them or by passing an interview for specializing class. The difference is that a specializing class has to have a certain amount of study credits from the field they’re specializing in. In addition to that, their project’s and thesis’ topics need to address their field and at the end of their studies they get a certificate stating the field they specialized in.

Last year ten students were selected for the class specializing in fashion business and I was fortunate enough to be one of the selected few. My advantage was that I was two years older than most of the applicants. While they were still trying to figure out what they wanted to do, I knew that this was where I wanted to be.

It’s probably obvious, but most of my career studies have dealt with fashion business, retail and international business. I’ve also taken a few courses about sales and management. Some of my favourite courses in JAMK have been Product Know-how in Fashion Retail and Retail Selection Planning. They were my first two courses focusing on fashion business. I’ll write about some of the assignments in these and other courses later on.


I’m currently at the stage of my studies where I’m working on my projects and my thesis. It’s a hectic time in my life, yet I decided it was the perfect time to start a blog.

As I am a fashion class student, all my projects and my thesis deal with fashion business. I’m currently working on four different projects and they all deal with different sides of fashion business. I’m doing research for a fashion show and a trade show, I’m creating a marketing and a business plan for a clothing artisan and I’m a part of a team creating a flag ship store for a clothing brand.

The projects are a valuable way for students to accumulate experience in their fields. It’s a chance for them to network and promote themselves for potential employers. They also allow the students to learn about project skills, time management, doing research and answering to client needs.

The last stage of my studies will be my internship. In JAMK, you can do your internship whenever it suits you. I arranged my studies so that I would be done after the internship. I want to do it abroad and hopefully continue to work in the company after its over. Then, I’ll say goodbye to living in Finland. Maybe for good.


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